Penland: In It To Thin It

In It To Thin It with Chance Coalter

I never thought I’d find myself working in wood veneer until I applied to be an assistant for a few classes at Penland and it sparked my interest. Having built a few things in the woodshop for myself at the College of Charleston where I work like a bedside table, shelves, frames and a spice rack, I wanted to expand my knowledge in woodworking. I was denied for the assistantship but excited when I was notified I was a grant recipient and started saving.

I had heard good things, but I wasn’t expecting the pretty art utopia I’d found myself in. With a small room to myself, excellent food prepared in house, and exponential opportunities to learn, the time slipped by too quickly. The creativity and hard work I was surrounded by fueled my own enthusiasm in the middle of an artistic dry spell, from both the students and a great teacher in Chance.