False Dichotomy

Building our first collaborative installation in a place as large as the Reynolds Avenue Firehouse was a bigger task than Sage and I expected. We’d been discussing ideas to work together for a few months, but the right opportunity only arose with the upcoming North Charleston Cultural Arts Festival. This not only gave us a space, but funding to create the project which was inspired by the two room structure of the firehouse itself. We decided on a concept based on the two hemispheres of the brain, one visually based on logic, the other on creativity.

After building a box with false walls on either side from 2x4s as the rear structure of the installation, we worked on cutting out figures and placing the “islands”. The figure was meant to emerge from this cutout we called portals, which were hollow boxes backed with mirror Mylar to cast a reflection of the viewer as they passed by. In their wake was left a trail of material seemingly made from them. We didn’t expect it, but I wound up putting together the geometric forms representing logic, while the fabric layers of creativity became Sage’s baby.

Thanks to Stephanie Stein Photography for these excellent images