New Works: Collage

During my time attending Horry-Georgetown Technical College the library was clearing out the old issues of magazines from their stock. Three recycling cans and probably about 50+ magazines later, I was leaving with a few containers full of colorful pages in the back of my car. These would travel with me for years.

Come the winter break 2013 after transferring to the College of Charleston, I found myself in my parent's living room sick to death of video games. I started going through what old issues of magazines they had accumulated, and produced a collage working for the solid following week. The final product was a figure embracing the celestial silhouette of his lover on a black background, portraying the loss of a loved one to the cosmos.

Trying to decide on my next body of work, a comment from a friend on Instagram about the before mentioned work made me think seriously about making more collages. That is how 2017 ended up being committed to a collection of figurative collages addressing self image, sexual identity, and intimacy. The first and largest of the works, Missed Connections features two figures merging yet facing away from one another. The idea stemmed from the fear of bypassing an important relationship, whether it be friendship or partner, because of a difference in sexual identity. Later works which came together included a series of touching hands, figures impacted by themselves and others, and couples creating impressions on one another.