Art Fields

Introspection traveled to Lake City for this April's Art Fields 2017. Displaying in the ROB again this year, I thought it would be nice to see the work on a white wall.

The concept behind this painting went something like this: "the figure reaches out for his own reflection while the audience only gains a distorted image of his face. We spend our lives working out who we are, and yet sometimes there are facets of self we can never quite decipher. We suffer from distorted perceptions of our own bodies, while the interior thought process is riddled with self-doubt and how to better ourselves. Yet we persist, reaching out toward that reflection despite the difficulties and that is what makes us who we are."

The second great part of Art Fields is the portrait painting contest they do every year. I used the same style from the last year, a felt tip pen and watercolor pencil, but only made it to stage 2 this year. However, selling both works to the models helped cover the admission and travel costs.