Process: Fulfilling the Void

When I was a teenager in high school I spent the summers out at my dad's sign shop, Thornton Signs, to help him build big projects. I gained a lot of experience and confidence working with vinyl and power tools during that time. More recently, I asked for access to his shop to work on my cutouts. The material I cut from was an old ice cream menu he remade for a shop, aluminum clad composite board, or basically a sheet of aluminum coated pvc plastic.

With the vinyl lettering still on the ice cream menu, it took some time with goof off, thinner, denatured alcohol and a paint scraper to get all of the lettering and adhesive off. Recycling the material which would have been thrown out was a wonderful opportunity. We created templates for from dad's vinyl cutter, I cut the shapes, sanded, primed and finally painted in the details with oils. I was very excited to get a body of work focusing so much on the individual and no surrounding surface.