Fulfilling the Void

November saw the opening of the solo exhibition of my work on the second floor of the Charleston Music Hall. The plan was for many of these works to address not only personal spirituality (as with the Matter of Perspective works) but also a deeper psychological factor. A man floating with a portal featuring his mirror image with a distorted reflection, a woman displayed as two versions of herself in one, another woman with delicate crystalline features, her body as a vessel for the tiny self she projected forward.

Each work was pretty light, being an oil painting on aluminum clad composite board that is about 1/4" thick. I adhered D rings to the backs of the surfaces, hung them from clear fishing line from the wood bars running through the brick wall, and suspended the works from the wall with 2-4" pieces of plastic tubing. The idea was to have the figures look more dimensional, cast their own shadows, and trick the eye into seeing a 3d form rather than a surface on a wall.